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In the stillness of reverie, I dwell,
Upon the echoes of a beckoning knell.
A call to arms, a plea for change,
To break the shackles of the world’s derange.

In the days to come, they softly implored,
Will you unite in one accord?
Will you weave a tapestry of hope,
Or choose to drift down despair’s slope?

In the hush of the night, I heard the plea,
A stirring in my soul, a call to decree.
To join hands, hearts, and minds as one,
To kindle a flame beneath the sun.

But some turned away, blinded by lies,
Swallowed by the darkness, where hope dies.
They closed their ears to the cries of the land,
And let apathy take its stand.

Oh, if they only paused to see,
The consequences of their apathy.
The wars that rage, the children weep,
In Gaza, Syria, Ukraine’s keep.

The famine’s grasp, a cruel decree,
Fueled by greed and tyranny.
And in our midst, the silent foe,
Carcinogens in our food, a toxic flow.

The tapestry of deceit they weave,
GMOs and falsehoods, our minds they bereave.
Leaders, deaf to the cries for change,
Ignoring pleas for gun control to rearrange.

Lead astray, down treacherous lanes,
Where climate change’s toll leaves permanent stains.
Each denial, the Earth’s cry is drowned,
Greed and ignorance leave our planet bound.

Falsehoods spun, By powers that seek to overrun.
Lead astray, down paths of despair,
Towards a world devoid of care.

But in the depths of retrospection’s gaze,
A glimmer of hope, a flicker ablaze.
Those who dared to fact-check the lies,
Saw through the veil with discerning eyes.

In the days to come, what will you reflect?
On the choices made, on the course we’ve set.
Will you bask in the light of a better tomorrow,
Or drown in the sorrow of ignorance’s sorrow?

Let us unite, in thought and in deed,
To sow the seeds of the world we need.
For our children, for our world, let us strive,
To keep the flame of hope alive.

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