Lets Unite


We’re living in troubled times and often feel powerless. Our leaders are making decisions that affect all, and no matter how much we ask or protest rarely change happens, and our future looks grim.

Each of us can energize our hearts’ desires into existence. It’s about opening the door to the deeper connection we have between ourselves and recognizing the unseen forces that shape our lives.

Rather than asking our leaders to “Change Things,” let us unite, respecting all spirituality, and go about this a different way by harnessing the powerful Energy we all possess within and shifting our future to positivity!

It’s about changing the trajectory. Here’s How………………………………………..

Each day throughout our day, when the thought enters our minds, we’ll collectively concentrate our energy on a specific focus that we will post on our Energy Vibes page and daily on individual requests on our Concentration List page:



This focus will be on what impacts our lives and our planet’s future by targeting energizing healing light directly to areas and the decision-makers surrounding our fate.

We’ll concentrate on their understanding of the connectedness of all souls and that when they make a decision, it impacts our lives, as well as theirs, and most of all, our children’s. That’s all.

This is about love, fostering harmony, and wanting what is best for our world and all its inhabitants. It’s about fulfilling our desire to strive for peaceful coexistence.

Everything is Energy and right now there is significant imbalance. No matter who you are, no matter your beliefs, no matter your political views, no matter what, we’re all connected, and the decisions we make affect all, which means even more when it comes to our leaders.

Steve Jobs famously said, ‘The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’. Let’s embrace that spirit of daring and share in illuminating our world with transforming thoughts, starting today!